Environmental Policy

We are proud to be a ‘practice what you preach’ environmental company.  What do we mean by this?

  • Minimising our own waste generation through product and packaging policies – this sounds like a CSR policy for a huge and not very green company but actually using 100% recycled packaging and boxes is incredibly time consuming and creates additional logistical costs and concerns for us.  But unless you specify a requirement for new boxes / packaging to be used your order irrelevant of size or location will come in re-used or recycled packaging. 
  • Minimise our energy consumption including wood burning in the office / showroom and state of the art dimming energy saving lighting.   
  • We also prioritise the use of sustainable fuels such as Bio Fuels in our own vehicles whenever possible with the assistance of Plymouth Biofuels who recycle chip fat from our local area and make use of it as a diesel fuel alternative or supplement.

In the future we aim to develop into a fully carbon positive company when we move into stage two of our plan;

  • Use of www.co2.org to offset the companies emissions including our transportation and training and corporate events we hold.
  • A much closer analysis of all of our business practices to prioritise environmental considerations alongside lowest cost as a basis for taking on new product and service supplies to Efficient Light.