European Distribution

Efficient Light is a UK based low energy and LED lighting specialist. We operate out of the UK but have been sending orders to a wide variety of locations across Europe for many years. To assist our European customers please find a selection of welcome pages below translated into a range of languages, we hope that this makes our service a little clearer for you and provides a better understanding of what we are offering and trying to achieve as an organisation. Below you will also find an indication of our shipping costs to various European countries, this is actually very similar in cost to sending large parcels within the UK, the only consideration is that to some areas of Europe the delivery times are longer.

In terms of products and solutions we can also assist with the sourcing and delivery of energy efficient appliances, wood-burners or stoves and a wide range of additional components and products such as transformers and switches for lighting.

We sincerely hope that this service continues to be of assistance to our European customers.

Many thanks for your interest and custom, Efficient Light.