Partner Links

Lighting Association

The Lighting Association was founded in 1939 and has developed into the largest organisation in Europe for companies and professionals in the lighting industry. They are a privately funded company owned by its members with an annually elected Board of Directors.

2 Degrees

2degrees is a collaborative problem-solving and innovation service for sustainable business. They help organizations respond to the opportunities and challenges of climate change and the transition to a low carbon, resource-constrained economy.

Low Carbon Businesses

Ethical Connections is a virtual space for individuals and organisations looking for green and ethical products, services and advice. It is also a place for businesses to find out how to ‘be’ more green & ethical.

Ethical Connections

Ethical Junction

Ethical Junction (EJ) was set up in 1999, in Manchester, by Steven Knight (who now runs and Brian Reid. The team behind Ethical Junction are now an operational part of – which is a social network of people who believe in ethical living.

Green Tourism Business Scheme



Other Useful Links relating to energy saving products and services

The links here are to some of the many and varied websites that we think you might find useful that cover the topics of energy efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint. As they are all external websites no guarantee can be made for the content of these sites.

Energy Saving Trust

The Energy Saving Trust is a non-profit organisation, funded both by government and the private sector. They are one of the UK’s leading organisations set up to address the damaging effects of climate change and have offices in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Their aim is to cut emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) by promoting the sustainable and efficient use of energy.

They have a whole host of information about saving energy, reducing your carbon footprint, how to generate your own electricty and good practice guides outlining .

Learn more about the phasing out of unefficient light bulbs.

Academic Documents ref. Energy Efficiency and Further Sources of Information 


SEDBUK (Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK) was developed under the Government’s Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme with the co-operation of boiler manufacturers, and provides a basis for fair comparison of the energy performance of different boilers. You can check the energy efficiency of your central heating boiler online. 

The G2Action website

The G2Action website has been developed with the support of the heating, insulation, glazing and lighting industries to provide information on how to improve the Energy Efficiency of Homes and improving the EPC ratings from “G” towards “A”. 

There is a great deal of confusing and sometimes conflicting information about what should be done and what is the best thing to do? What will save the most money? And what is the pay-back?

The fact is that all homes will need to be fully insulated, have the most efficient heating and hot water systems and controls, have efficient windows and low energy lighting. It is not about why or how it is about when and that is now!