We have a range of LED light fittings in our product range, offering our customer a versatile range of lighting solutions.  LED light fittings come in number of forms, whether it’s indoor or outdoor, floodlights or spotlights.  The diversity of LED light fittings means that choosing an LED light fitting is often a case of using your imagination. For example, LED strips are extremely versatile and can be used in a wide array of locations, from wall-washing to back lighting, stair treads and even as a means of under-cabinet lighting. 

Our LED light fittings include: LED DownlightsFloor LightsLED SpotlightsLED Wall Washers & LED Floodlights.  There is an ever increasing array of useful LED light fittings on the market. We are here to help so please ask if you need assistance in sourcing or specifying a suitable LED light fitting.

Often with LED it is a case of using your imagination, LED strips for example are extremely versatile and can be used in a wide array of locations from wall washing to back lighting, stair treads, under cabinet lighting – feel free to look at our project pages or contact us for further inspiration.

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