Bathroom Downlights

Downlights are the perfect way to illuminate a room without the need for large ceiling lights or track lights. Bathroom downlights are slightly different to traditional downlights, as they have to adhere to strict safety standards. As water and electricity don’t mix, it’s important to use waterproof bathroom downlights to ensure your lighting configuration remains safe and fit for purpose. Our Waterproof IP65 rated downlights are safe for use in bathrooms. The IP rating of a light refers to its level of protection against external factors, such as dust and water, so it’s important to consider this rating before purchasing your bathroom downlights.

When correctly spaced, bathroom downlights will illuminate your bathroom. Their bright light will be reflected in mirrors and polished surfaces, making your bathroom look bright and inviting. If you’d like any further assistance with our range of waterproof bathroom downlights, then please do not hesitate to contact us.