Track Lighting

Track lighting can be a flexible and attractive lighting solution for domestic and commercial projects. These systems are suitable for use with conventional light bulbs, but also low energy bulbsLED lamps and both 12V and 240V variations. They’re often implemented with a single circuit track, so the ceiling lights can provide a consistent and uniform coverage of a room allowed by the track system

The previously mentioned low energy alternatives are not just viable, but also bright, dimmable and much cheaper to run. The ability to incorporate LED track lighting means that you can get the energy saving benefits of a low voltage LED light, without compromising on the quality of the light provided. The adaptability of circuit track lighting also means that it can be implemented all over the home and business; from the living room and dining room, to the CEO’s office and reception.  

We offera variety of track lighting systems , but particularly recommend those from JCC Lighting and Intalite. We will be happy to assist you in sourcing or specifying track lighting systems for retail, domestic and commercial lighting applications to meet your requirements; just contact us and we’ll see how we can with your regular or LED ceiling light needs! 

Is a circuit track system easy to install?

It is often the case that per track, only one junction box is needed no matter how many different light fittings there are. This means that there will be minimal holes needing to be drilled, and the clip on nature of the average track spotlight head means they are also easy to attach. 

Do they always run off the same circuit?

As we stated above, it’s most common that one junction box and one circuit is used, but additional circuits can be added. This would be ideal for people that want more control over their lighting and want to take a more customisable approach. For example, from the same track lighting set up, you could get an ambient cool white with one setting and a bright party red with another. This means your shopping options aren’t just limited to one mood. 

Do track light fixtures and systems need to match?

Yes, they need to match otherwise they simply won’t fit or function. An LT track system can work with an L track fixture, but not with a H model for example.