Outdoor Wall Lights (surface mounted)

Here at Efficient Light, we have got a huge selection of surface mounted outdoor wall lights that are perfect for a number of applications.

Whether you’re looking to add some ambience to your porch, garden or patio area; or to just give you a little extra security outside your home – we have got the perfect solution for you.

We stock a range of eco-friendly, low cost LED brick lights and LED wall lights. These durable lights are excellent value for money, making them perfect for outdoor lighting purposes.

We stock outdoor wall lights from a range of top brands including Endon, Searchlight, SLV, Saxby and Elstead lighting. Our range of outdoor surface mounted lights includes:

  • Wall Lamps
  • Ceiling Luminaires
  • Lamps and up-down lights
  • Ground lights

If you’d like any further assistance with our range of LED wall lights, then please do not hesitate to contact us.