Dimmable Light Bulbs

Dimmable Light Bulbs by Efficient Light

Dimmable bulbs are manufactured specifically for a dimmable fitting  (dimmer switch).   They provide a comfortable ambience to a room and help you to save on energy costs.  There is a wide selection of both indoor and outdoor lighting which is now available as a dimmer lightbulb and they are certainly worth exploring.   When selecting a dimmable bulb – please ensure you also have the correct dimmer switch.  

Choose dimmable bulbs & fittings for your bathroom, undercabinet lighting, outdoor use and recessed lighting.  

If you notice a buzzing or flickering from an existing dimming fitting, first check to ensure that the bulb is indeed a dimmer bulb.  

The LED Dimmable bulb is slightly different from a traditional dimmer bulb, as there is no drop in voltage.  Rather LED Dimmers are created  through either pulse width modulation (PWM) or analogue dimming

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