Light Bulbs - by Connection

At Efficient Light we have made searching for lightbulbs easy, by offering a Search bar at the top of the page with access to over 21,000 lighting products.  As well as the opportunity to search Lighting by Base and Lighting by Shape. 

Here you will find you can search lighting by connection.  This is sometimes also known as Lighting by “cap”, “base” or “fitting” . but it all refers to the part of the light connection that provides the electrical contact with the lamp.  A large majority of these connections are used to ensure that the correct type of lamp is used with the matching fitting.   

Bayonet Caps

Bayonet Cap is also known as a BC connection or in the trade as a B22.  The 22 refers to mm’s and if understood can help people make sure they are then buying the correct replacement bulb.  Bayonet Cap is essentially a British connection and is not normally used on the continent therefore the selection of Bayonet Bulbs can be more limited than in Screw Cap

Bayonet caps are a popular choice in the UK and involve a ‘push and twist’ action to install.  There are several types of Bayonet Cap available including a  three pin version known as a B22d-3 often used in new build homes as well as on some high pressure mercury lamps for industrial use.

Edison Screw Cap

Edison Screw Cap is a popular light connection choice, and was named after the inventor of the light bulb Thomas Edison.  When selecting the Edison Screw cap, remember that the the larger the cap the greater wattage.

Small Screw is also known as E14 or SES for Small Edisson Screw.  Again the 14 refers to the mm diameter of the screw cap to avoid confusion. 

Fluorescent Tubes

Fluorescent tubes generally have two pins at either end with the exception of the T12 mono pin.  Knowing the pin spacing and wattage of a fluorescent tube is enough to identify the lamp type.

G5 Two Pin (T4 & T5 tubes)

Architectural lamps either have one main centre contact or two at either end. These Lights, often used as picture lights, have two contacts at either end.

Halogen Capsules

Halogen capsules is often used in domestic environments and found in halogen adaptors.  The components are: adaptor base,  replaceable capsule & decorative cover. 

Linear halogen capsules are frequently used in floodlights and have an R7 cap at either end of the lamp.

Halogen and LED

GU fittings typically have two pins and are commonly found on halogen and more recently on LEDs. The larger the connection the greater heat it can withstand.  The GU4 and GU5.3 fittings are commonly found on low voltage/wattage lamps and often have a ‘push fit’ action. GU10 fittings are distinctive by their ‘twist and lock’ fitting action and are common in domestic applications.

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