Integral LED

Efficient Light carrys a large assortmet of LED products by Integral.  They have over 28 years experience with lighting products, which includes experience in technology and semiconductor products. They manufacture both the LED chip and the chips used to make memory products which are both semiconductors. We carry an affordable range of Integral LED Lighting products which is the prefered lighting products for large industrial jobs. 

Low cost LED light everywhere

Inetgral products provide low cost lighting, that is carefully checked and monitored for engery performance and efficiency. 

This tends to be our product range of choice for huge industrial jobs that need the highest quality and the most efficient products available. Integral LED’s have also been awarded many awards such as The Which Awards for some of their small domestic products such as GU10’s. A very good quality but still affordable range of LED products – please get in touch if you’d like to discuss a project and are considering using or specifying Integral LED products.