Keeping your details safe from prying eyes is very important to us and we have taken steps to ensure that your details don’t fall into the wrong hands. In the sections of our website where we ask you for personal details we encrypt the information as it travels across the internet between your computer and our servers using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. In simple terms, this scrambles the information to such an extent that if anyone were to intercept it they wouldn’t be able to make any sense of it.

How to tell if SSL is being used?

On pages you are asked to enter personal details, including your name, address and credit card details, the page will be encrypted using SSL and there are two ways tell that this is the case:

  • In the address bar the address will start with https:// rather than the standard http://. The ‘s’ in https:// stands for secure;
  • Depending on your web browser there will be a padlock icon either in the status bar at the bottom of the browser window, or at the end of the address bar. Clicking on the padlock icon will show you details of our SSL certificate including its current status and expiry date

Besides these two methods on pages that are secure you will also see a security seal, like the seal on the right, that is provided by Thawte, the company that issued our SSL certificate. You can click on the seal to view the validity details of the certificate.

We now use 3D Secure

Internet transactions are classed as ‘cardholder not present’ (CNP) transactions. Until recently, there was no easy way for us to identify a cardholder, and confirm that it is indeed the legitimate cardholder entering the card details. 

A significant proportion of chargebacks arose as a result of the cardholder denying that they authorised a transaction. The 3D Secure technology is designed to reduce the possibility of fraudulent card use by authenticating the cardholder at the actual time of the transaction and subsequently reducing our exposure to disputed transactions and increasing your online security.

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure stands for Three Domain Secure – the payment industry’s internet authentication standard which has been developed by the major card schemes. Visa has called their version of the scheme ‘Verified by Visa’ and MasterCard have called their equivalent initiative ‘MasterCard SecureCode’. These are both collectively referred to as 3D Secure.

3D Secure authentication requires the cardholder to register their card to take advantage of this service. This is a one-time process which takes place on the card issuer’s website and involves the cardholder answering several security questions to which only the card issuer and cardholder will know the answer. The cardholder selects a password and agrees on a secret phrase, which will be used by the card issuer during each online transaction.

3D Secure can be thought of as an online version of ‘Chip and Pin’ technology, whereby the cardholder has a personalised password registered with their card that is entered during the checkout process. 3D Secure is already enforced by several banks, with the remaining banks expected to follow suit.

Ultimately, if you are still concerned with the online security of your details then you are always more than welcome to place your order by Phone: 01752 695 212