Efficient Light offer a range of design services for our clients, the first initial consultation is always free so please bring your plans and come and discuss your project…

Lighting Design

At the initial consultation we’ll assess how much help you need and whether you need a lighitng designer at all.  If you do we’ll do our best to give you an indication of the price of our design and project assistance and a rough estimate of the cost of your lighting.If your project is nowhere near our showroom we can offer an off plan design service – send in plans of your new build or refurbishment property and we’ll help you specify the lighting scheme for your new home or business.  We often get asked to provide 100% LED specification for example which is a good demonstration of the information that will help you focus your ideas and assist us in making useful suggestions.  

1. How far do you want to go in terms of efficiency? – 100%!

2. Budget – even within the scope of Efficient Light there is huge variation in our manufacturers prices.

3. We’ll aim to offer you good value and quality – style is obviously crucial.

4. Is the tone of the building modern or traditional for example?  – the more information you can provide the better.

We are happy to help even if you only want to change one fitting, again send us as much information as you can about the existing situation and what you are hoping to achieve, style, budget and practicalities like size and the brightness you require.  We aim to provide you with feedback and a selection of options and prices.

Electrical Installation Service – Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall

We offer a local installation service for our clients in the Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall areas.  It’s not just lighting we can help with it’s anything electrical so house re-wires, new build installation of lighting and electrics and renewable energy installations.  As lighting specialists we pride ourselves on being able to tackle the complicated and unusual jobs as well as the run of the mill installations.  We also offer a installation and maintanance service for our business and commercial clients if you need a timed response package for example then feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Developer / Builder Packages

We are also happy to support and assist developers in specifying Efficient Light products for new properties with our off plan design service as described above. We can also offer our expertise and buying power to support the specification of energy saving bulbs and fittings in attractive and profitable packages that we call the ‘Optional Extra – Efficient Light Package’. With this package you can access the Efficient brand to help you market and sell your properties more quickly and profitably than you may have hoped for, please Contact Us for more information. 

Discount Schemes

As an incentive for your staff or members of your organisation feel free to contact us to discuss how we can support you in encouraging them to use energy efficient lighting. 

Re-sale Support

We support a range of re-sellers of our product range, if your interested in earning a living from Efficient Light please get in touch.  

Trade / Wholesale Support

There is a seperate Log In section of the Efficient Light website for Trade and Wholesale applications – please Email Us details of your current business and how Efficient Light can help, we’ll be happy to reply with a product range and pricing structure to meet your needs. 

Installation Referals

In areas where we don’t install lighting we have recently begun referring local tradesmen on to our clients for your / their benefit, installers we know are able to help with ‘Efficient Light’ installations.  In practice this means that we are building a database of installers who have purchased and installed our products previously for the ongoing use of local home-owners and business-owners looking for a local installer.  We hope that having purchased our products in the past your installer will assist you in specifying and installing energy efficient technologies and avoid the learning curve sometimes associated with an LED installation for example. For legal reasons we need to make it clear that your contract is with the installer not us and because we are offering details below this does not constitute formal training or accreditation from Efficient Light.  

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